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CRPS Rimfire Competiion Academy

  • September 15, 2023
  • 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • BTSA Ranges 100, 200

CRPS Rimfire Competition Academy

The CRPS Rimfire Competition Academy is a rimfire competition fundamentals teaching event designed for the new and less experienced competitor. Our goal is to provide attendees with a practical understanding of the tools and techniques needed to confidently and safely compete in a long-range rimfire match. The course is a combination of theory and practical exercises.

We will take the competitor through the following topics:

Defining Accuracy vs Precision

Accuracy Workshop

  • setting up rifle/optics for consistency
  • zeroing your rifle/scope
  • ballistics and ballistics calculators
  • calculating and then confirming trajectory (DOPE)
  • basic wind concepts

Precision Workshop

  • marksmanship fundamentals primer
  • positional stability overview
  • using support equipment demonstrations - bipods and bags

Rimfire Competition Training

  • match and stage safety procedures
  • spotting and scoring basics
  • planning for your upcoming match - what you need and what you need to know
  • planning and executing your stage strategy - creating your stage checklist

The lessons will be taught using a combination of theory presentations and live fire exercises.

The end of the day will be spent shooting a 3-stage mini-match.

Attendees will be required to bring:

1) Rimfire rifle with at least 2 10-round magazines (bolt action or semi-auto).

2) Scope with target turrets (marked dials) and zeroed, (50m or close to 50m is ideal)

3) Ammunition (200 rounds minimum more is always better)

4) Bipod and rear bag support

       **If you do not have the required equipment, loaner equipment with ammunition is available on a first come/first served basis. Please let us know

Participation is limited to shooters 18 years old or older 

For more information contact Dale at

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