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Tactical Solutions Top Shot Canada Challenge

  • September 17, 2023
  • 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • BTSA Ranges: 100/200, 2 New South Bays

The 2023 TacSol Top Shot Canada Challenge is a multi-discipline event designed to find Canada’s Top Shot! Competitors are put through several stages testing their skills at short-range PRS, long-range PRS, standing silhouette, 50m prone paper target, 100m prone paper target and close-range speed steel.

Expected round count: 250 Rounds

2 long range PRS stages - 100m-300m

2 short range PRS stages - 25m-100m

2 steel silhouette stages (standing) - 40m-100m

2 close range streel challenge stages - 10m-25m

2 rimfire precision target (paper bench rest) at 50m and 100m

Competitors must use the same rifle for all stages. Bipods, slings and bags are allowed. Tripods may not be used. You will require at least 2 magazines for your rifle. .


 Stock - Shooters using any Ruger 10/22 factory rifle - no modifications are allowed except for fit. i.e. butt pads, cheek risers, aftermarket optics mounts and ARCA rails installations  Trigger pull weights will be verified to ensure they are within stock factory limits. 

 Modified - Ruger Receivers - all mods allowed. 

 Unlimited - All non-Ruger receiver-based rifles that use 10/22  mags 

 Outlaw - All other non-10/22 mag fed rifles

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