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Mapleseed 2022 - 1

  • May 07, 2022
  • 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • BTSA Ranges: 50E

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Project Mapleseed - Event Calendar and Registration

The Program …. challenging, educational, engaging and fun! 

  • Project Mapleseed inon-profitall-volunteer run organization rifle marksmanship training program 

  • Its main objective is to introduce current and future firearm enthusiasts to the essentials of safety and marksmanship skills in a one day shooting clinic. 

  • Clinics are open to shooters of all ages and benefits both new and experienced shooters alike. 

  • The minimum requirements are a .22 rifle with 400 rounds of ammunition and a teachable attitude. 

  • Project Mapleseed provides a solid framework of basic rifleman skills, focusing on teaching traditional rifle marksmanship from standing, sitting/kneeling, and prone positions using only a rifle sling (USGI/M1 sling) coupled with the concept termed "natural point of aim" (NPOA).*  

  • It is open to all caliber rifles and sight types including scopes but the .22LR semi-automatic, magazine-fed rifles are the most commonly seen for their ease of use during the mandatory magazine changes and low cost ammo.   

  • Participants are encouraged to bring what they have, the shooting fundamentals taught apply to the shooter not their rifle. The goal is to learn and have fun. 

* Project Mapleseed uses reduced size scaled targets that enable a shooter to assess their effective range with their rifle using a reduced length shooting range (25 metres) while simulating firing at full size targets at ranges up to 400 yards.  

Qualification targets are shot to evaluate progress and for score. The goal is to score 210 points or better on a 40-shot course that has 250 possible points.  This earns the coveted Rifleman’s Patch and is roughly equivalent to scoring Marksman (85%) as member of the infantry in the Canadian Armed Forces. 

SOURCE: Project Mapleseed 

Mapleseed Events Calendar and Registration

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