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Buffalo Target Shooters Association

       Calgary, AB

SC-107 - Speed Option     World Record (OPN) - Max Michel, Jr. - 9.09 sec total - 2.27 avg. - 2013

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Upon start signal, from the box engage the target plates in any order, then engage the option plate if desired, then engage the stop plate. The option plate may not be engaged until after all other target plates have been engaged, and may not be engaged after the stop plate is engaged.

Speed Option is the only stage in Steel Challenge using a rectangular plate as the stop plate. The 18"x 24" plate is 35 yards from the shooter. Options on this stage are simple, but the pros concur. Shoot the round plates from right to left, then shoot the stop plate. This way, if you miss the second from the left plate at 20 yards, you can pick it up again on your way to the stop plate. 

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