Bringing Competition Back To Young Guns!

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It’s been a few years since I’ve attempted to actually do a match style young guns, and with extensive support from volunteers from both BTSA members and the University of Calgary Firearms Association, this year I decided would be the year we make a regular habit of doing so.

The primary objectives of Young Guns are to introduce to youth:
-Safe firearms handling
-Being safe on a shooting range

In these regards, after a Young Guns shoot with no serious infractions or accidents – everyone is a winner!

That being said, being a competition target shooting association, it only makes sense that we would introduce an element of competition.

Youth Shooters shot 3 stages:
-Run and Gun at steel IPSC C-zone poppers with iron sights from a .22 LR rifle
-2 Stages from steel challenge with a .22 LR pistol
-50 yard Bullseye with a scoped .22 LR rifle

Being respectful of the fact that for many, this was the first time even shooting a gun, the element of competition took a backseat to range and firearms safety.

That said, shooters were scored and the results are posted below.

I butchered the scoring on the day, but realized I need excel and about an hour to figure out the scores (I also need to advise my scorers and RO’s ahead of time how to keep score – but I suppose it’s a learning experience for us all).

Scoring was thus as such:

Total Score = Run and Gun Stage Time + Steel Challenge Time – Bullsye Score

For the Run and Gun and Steel Challenge Stages, there was a 3 second penalty for any missed targets.

I want to congratulate our Top Shots:
Overall Match Winner: Kai H.
Best Bullseye Shooter: Madison P.
Best Run and Gun Shooter: Darrian H.
Best Steel Challenge Shooter: Hailey C.

Top Scores:

Total Top
Bullseye Top

Run and Gun Top Score

Steel Challenge Top

Overall Rankings

Total Score

Bullseye Score

Run and Gun Score

Steel Challenge Score

Irregardless of your score, the primary focus in running this program is that you learnt the basics of firearms and shooting range safety and had fun in the process.

If you learnt what it entails to be a target shooter, that’s a bonus!

I hope to see you out on the range soon!

Young Guns Director