Do you want to improve your gun-handling skills? Then defensive pistol shooting may be a sport for you, it is quite simply the use of practical equipment, including full-charge service ammunition, to solve simulated ‘real world’ self-defense scenarios.”

In International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) There are five categories for handguns and equipment, so you compete against shooters using the same type of guns and ammunition. One can all but guarantee there is a division permitting you to shoot with any defensive handgun you currently own, as long as it’s chambered in 9 mm or larger. IDPA rules (there are a lot of them) are designed to make sure the guns and holsters are realistic for carry. The guns must be concealed with a garment.

Ideally, an IDPA match is an opportunity to practice your gun-handling skills in a competitive yet friendly environment.


Here is a starter kit for IPSC IDPA Steel Challenge

Here is a starter kit for IPSC, IDPA or Steel Challenge