Young Guns Youth Program

Gun ownership and outdoor sport shooting are a proud part of Alberta’s heritage.
The objective of Young Guns is to preserve that heritage and pass on it’s traditions, customs, and culture to the next generation of Albertans.

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Young Guns introduces youth to shooting range and firearms safety, sports shooting, and the Alberta firearms community.

We operate at the BTSA Action Ranges, a world class, private shooting facility in the Sibbald Flats region in Kananaskis Country (1 hour west of Calgary).

We seek to partner with other Alberta Youth programs that focus on developing wilderness and outdoor skills, firearms training, and sports shooting.

We are striving to provide the best outdoor and sport shooting experience in Western Canada.

In particular, we extend a warm invitation to:

  • Hunters Education,
  • Junior Forest Wardens,
  • Scouts,
  • Canadian Forces and Calgary Police Service Cadets,
  • Canadian Forces recruiting,
  • Smallbore,
  • Biathalon.

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