Action Shooting League Range Setup Rules

For safety and sustainability reasons, all stages setup for the Action Shooting League (ASL) must be compliant with the following guidelines.

As the ASL is a BTSA Executive approved program, it is NOT subject to the General Range Rules (here), which apply only for General Membership use of the ranges (i.e. – club members using the range for personal use).

These rules are compliant with the RCMP Range Template approvals.

Safe Handling Tables

Please review ASL Rules for Safe Handling Tables

The red arrows denote the most common positions to place SHT’s


ASL stage targets may either be cardboard or approved steel.

Targets must be positioned such that rounds and ricochets are:

  • Contained by the range berms
  • Trapped by appropriate bullet trap devices (i.e. – rubber bullet traps)

Extra attention shall be provided to prevent north and east facing rounds from escaping the range.

All targets must be set to ensure minimal damage to trees (on jungle run) and fixtures (dog houses, rail ties, H-frames, lath, 2×4’s, steel frames, etc.)

No reactive, explosive, or destructive targets are permitted.

Steel targets must be:

  • Minimum 10 yards for shotgun / pistol
  • Minimum 100 yards for centrefire rifle
  • Not be shot with steel jacket, core or shot ammunition
  • Regularly inspected for damages (craters, holes) with damages immediately reported to the BTSA executive
  • Not setup on the jungle run

Aerial targets are not permitted.

Multigun Abandonment Rules

Stages where a firearm may be abandoned must be designed in compliance with the ASL Abandonment Rules.

Extra attention must be made to ensure all participants are not walking forward of a horizontally abandoned firearm

Multi-String Stages

Where a stage is comprise of multiple strings, a shooter must unload and show clear their gun before proceeding to the next stage

Multi-Range stages

Where a stage is comprised of multiple ranges, a shooter is not permitted to carry a gun, loaded or otherwise, unless the gun is unloaded and holstered.

Pre-Staging Guns

Shooters may only stage guns such that while staging, they are not advancing downrange of a horizontally placed firearm.

Pre-Loaded Shotguns

Tables for pre-loaded shotguns must be positioned such that they are out of a line of fire of any targets, muzzles pointed into a berm.