Action Shooting League Match Director Selection

An “Action Shooting League Match Director” (“ASL MD”) is a BTSA member who volunteers for the responsibility to plan, setup, and run BTSA Action Shooting League (ASL) Events.

League Events primarily consist of regularly scheduled Monday nights and periodic weekends, compliant with the BTSA Action Shooting League Rules here.

ASL Directors responsibilities are as follows:

  • Plan stage setups for an ASL event utilizing allocated BTSA club props, fixtures, and targets
  • Ensure all participants at an ASL event have signed in and paid appropriate event fees
  • Remit all collected monies and sign in sheets to the BTSA Treasurer
  • Ensure the safe execution of ASL events
  • Direct safety officers, volunteers and league participants
  • Be a responsible steward of the BTSA facility and assets, including cleanup and maintenance
  • Report all ASL related activity to the BTSA executive and tailor operations of the league in compliance with the will of the executive
  • Plan how to best grow, develop, and promote the ASL and all BTSA sport shooting disciplines, including reviewing and updating the ASL Rulebook
  • Promote the BTSA as an organization in it’s entirety, especially encouraging league participants to purchase BTSA memberships

Prerequisites to become and ASL director:

  • Be a BTSA member in good standing for at least 1 year
  • Completed a BTSA range orientation
  • Reviewed the BTSA ASL Rulebook (here)
  • Reference from at least 2 existing ASL Directors
  • Demonstrate good character and active involvement with the ASL and the BTSA including:
    • Regular attendance at ASL events AND
    • Volunteering for other BTSA events (i.e. – Young Guns, Range Improvement, Range Cleanup, IPSC/USPSA/IDPA competitions, Gun Shows, etc.)
  • Joined the present year’s ASL Mailing list.

To apply to become an ASL Director, please complete the following form.

ASL MD Application Form