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Club Application


We have reached our membership cap for 2017. Existing members will be receiving a renewal application and instructions by email in the near future. 

Prospective members of BTSA are advised to check this website again toward the end of 2017 for further updates regarding membership – thank you.


What is it going to cost me to become new BTSA member?

There are three components to your membership dues the first year you sign up with BTSA.

1. BTSA annual dues

2. APRA annual dues

3. APRA Range Improvement Fee (one-time fee)

BTSA Annual Dues and APRA Annual Dues

For 2017, an individual membership in the BTSA, which includes your annual APRA membership dues is $200.00.

A family membership for 2017 will cost $250.00. A family membership covers parents/guardians plus all children under the age of 25 living in the same home.

On top of those dues is a one-time APRA Range improvement fund of $100.00
This fee is for the first year of your membership only. We forward these funds to the APRA to help out with the costs of new ranges. If you let your APRA membership lapse for a year, note that you will have to re-apply as a new member.

All BTSA Memberships are from the date you join to December 31st of the current year. The BTSA Membership period is from January 1st to December 31st. We do not Pro-rate the membership as it would cause too much work on the volunteers of the organization. So if you join in July of the year, you pay the full annual dues for that year. If you join the club between Oct 1st to December 31st your membership will be the balance of application year plus the full 12 months of the following year.

BTSA members are required to follow all safe firearms handling rules and observe all APRA and BTSA range rules and range etiquette. Failure to comply may result in cancellation of membership.



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