Action Shooting League

BTSA’s Action Shooting League gives shooters an opportunity to practice practical shooting skills and the fundamentals of competitive shooting IPSC, IDPA, USPSA, 3-Gun and Steel Challenge.

See below for sample videos of past Action Shooting League setups.

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Click here to view the Monday Night Action League Rule book

On monday evenings and select weekends, participants practice the basics of “run and gun” setting up challenging and exciting courses of fire.

Participant results are scored in an informal fashion following the rules and regulations of our affiliate shooting disciplines.  This gives participants a taste of action shooting without the stress of an actual competition.

As a part of the Action Shooting League, the BTSA also offers basic handling courses, introducing new shooters to the basics of firearms operation.  We also offer holster courses, training students how to safely draw a loaded handgun from a holster.

The Action Shooting League is open to both BTSA members and the general public.

For more information please contact: YG@BTSA.CA

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